AnyoneHelps(互联帮) 是一个专业的C2C任务制互助交易平台,平台开启网络服务交易新模式,以互助为出发点,网络任务为媒介,汇集各领域的专业人才,直接对接工作需求与个人的专业能力,让平台用户在寻找专业人士解决服务需求的同时,还能利用自身专业去帮助他人。AnyoneHelps不仅为所有在美工作、生活、学习的华人提供有效、安全的网络服务交易环境,还通过平台构建了网络人力资源共享经济,真正实现“天生我才必有用”,让每个人的不同专业技能得以在平台上展现价值,做到用户与用户之间的技能互补与人力资源良性循环。

About us

AnyoneHelps is a professional online C2C Task-based Crowdsourcing marketplace. By having experts from different realms on our platform, we build up a new way of working online based on the concept of ‘Helping’ which allows users to help others and get helped at the same time. AnyoneHelps does not only provide users with effective and safe online service environment, but also construct an efficient online human resource pool to make every skill realize a market value. Every user can help or be helped on AnyoneHelps.